Blind passengers on the "Kogge of the Stranded"

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The ship of the stranded – pub song

Imagine living around the 15th century and losing in a
gamble: gambling debts are debts of honour – but the
creditor is a friend and business partner: with luck there
would be a daughter to be married to a rich man in Riga
and everything would be settled again. Who wouldn’t set
off with the girl dressed as a boy.

But perhaps she doesn’t want to marry someone she
doesn’t know in a city she doesn’t know either, she just
wants to leave…

We need a Captain!

A captain is needed; one of them is drinking in ‘Kathi’s’ harbour tavern as he’s out of work – he can be kidnapped without any problems. But he must have his parrot and rum!

A ship is needed; there’s one in the harbour, which has just been repaired – just behind the harbour pub.

Only: Kathi’s pub is a hub of underworld information, and finally a wanted counterfeiter, a crook for everything, a healer wanted by the church, a pastor in love and Kathi – the owner of the tavern herself come along. The cog is full, the passengers are stowaways, the two sailors don’t know anything, the sail is set. The parrot alone has a sense of perspective!

An adventurous journey to happiness

The adventure begins with a full moon, storm and stowaways – and an unexpected love affair. Life on the swaying ship makes rough shells crack, astonishing secrets come to light, a man is almost washed overboard, and in the end there is still the gate to happiness.

Large creaking wooden figures and puppets rumble below deck, climb the ropes, the crow’s nest, draw maps, mint coins or compose poetry into the night.

The ship itself becomes a swaying place of pause; the threads of each individual’s life are rebound. And while some travel the “Disc of the Earth” on the ship of their dreams, the landlubbers experience the ship as part of their journey on the way to new destinations in an old Hanseatic city.

This is also where the parrot finds his final perch.

This absurd production premiered in 2013 with LIVE music by accordionist Felix Kroll with the director Dietmar Staskowiak.

Puppets: Michaela Bartonova and Antonin Müller /
revised by Kilian Kreuzinger/Denise Sheila Puri
Parrot Freddy: Stephan Wunsch
Stage design: Martin Buchin, Kilian Kreuzinger, Denise
Sheila Puri
Director: Dietmar Staskowiak
Puppeteers: Silke Technau & Stephan Schlafke
Accordion: Felix Kroll
Costumes: Denise Sheila Puriles

Vorhang auf für noch mehr Figurentheater


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