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At the 6th Puppet Theatre Festival Lübeck, three plays in the evening programme deal with the reinvention of traditional hand puppetry and thus also look at current transformation processes in society. "When I started puppet theatre, I didn't want to be a puppeter. I...

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This blog is the project of KOLK 17 an institution that ist fully committed to the subject of puppet, figure and object theatre. Together with different authors we want to present puppet theatre from different perspectives.

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“Who’s Talking?” Research Project

A look in the depot

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About us

KOLK 17 puppet theatre & museum

Together we want to present puppet theatre from different perspectives.

On this blog we publish insights into the scientific work of the museum and the creation of pieces of puppet theatre. We look back on past actions and present new (virtual) exhibitions and performances. Recently, the virtual exhibition “Colonialism and Puppet Theatre. Untangling the threads” and the digital children’s series “Corona in the Moose forest”.

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Raise the curtain!

Digital and analogue puppet theatre in all its facets

In the column “Curtain up!” the puppet theatre presents on this blog regular news updates from in front of and behind the scenes.

The authors Silke Technau and Stephan Schlafke have so far presented, among other things, the variety of acting techniques in puppet theatre, reported on their work on the new play “Cherry-Picking Shakespeare” and are currently working on the research project “Puppet & micro camera”. They also published their first digital puppet theatre series “Corona in the Moose forest” based on the play “Troll alarm in the Moose forest” on this blog. Together Silke Technau, Stephan Schlafke and Franziska Technau form the Kobalt Puppet Theatre in Lübeck.

BLog des Figurentheaters Lübeck
Objektfotografie in der Museumsarbeit

A look in the depot

The world of theatre characters from a scientific perspective

While the Museum of Theatre Puppets in Lübeck is being rebuilt, the scientific processing of the collection in the museum archive continues in the background. On this blog our colleagues provide unique insights into their work (from inventory to object photography) and present the museum’s extraordinary collection.

The first virtual exhibition of the Museum of Theatre Puppets in Lübeck also appeared on this blog: “Colonialism and Puppet Theatre. Untangling the threads.”


News from the construction site in Kolk

The buildings in the Lübeck Kolk are currently being restored. On one page of this blog we have collected everything worth knowing about this special construction site. You can also find your way through the construction site in our 360° virtual tours.

If you would like to receive regular up to date information, please contact us at:

During the work on the more than 400-year-old historic merchant’s houses, we come across interesting insights into Lübeck’s history almost every day. We regularly share these on Twitter using the hashtag #KolkNews.

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