Object of the Week: Buy Nothing Day!

by | Feb 2, 2021 | A look in the depot

28.11.2020 is Anti-Consumerism day. On this day, it is seen as important to try to reduce the amount of ‘things’ we buy.

Funnily enough – the Friday before is the so-called “Black Friday”, on which the money for many a tempting offer may already have been spent. If the desire to buy something has been satisfied the week before, then it should come more easily to abstain the week following.

Fortunately, it is up to the individual to decide what they spend their money on.

But I must admit that such a challenge gives me pause for thought! 

Art and culture are consumer goods of a quality that I would not want to do without! Unfortunately, this year, because of the Corona pandemic, the decision to take part in this day of action is being taken away from us:

Our prospective clients are left to stand in front of the closed door of the Puppet Theatre Mobile Office and Shop in the yard of St. Peter’s Church and are unable to buy anything!

 During normal, healthier times, tickets for a performance of the Puppet Theatre (which while being renovated is holding performances in the European Hansemuseum) would be a wonderful gift for children, partners and the whole family! 

Time spent together in the theatre is a worthwhile investment! It can enrich one’s life immensely, touching the heart and, unlike purchased items that are eventually discarded, will not become a burden.

Tickets to museums are also valuable, offering the chance to learn and discover new facts and aspects of history.   A visit to a museum offers the chance to step into a past different to our own and ignite our imagination! 

Your patience will be required until the Museum of Theatre Puppets Luebeck in the Kolk is once again open for business.

The buildings in the old town are being carefully renovated and converted. Hopefully, it will not be long before the Puppet Theatre can again offer live performances in the European Hansemuseum

March heralds the beginning of a new season and with regulatory approved hygiene rules followed, the spotlights will be on again.  The plays, puppets and puppeteers have been rehearsed and are ready for their premiere bringing life once again to the stage!

We welcome every guest who with their decision to buy tickets and memorabilia  contributes to the survival of art and culture in Lübeck. 

Mehr einblicke in die Arbeit im Depot


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