Creating the ‘Bremen Town Musicians’ stage

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Raise the curtain

The stage of the Bremen Town Musicians – © Stephan Schlafke

Due to Corona, we worked on the stage design in separate phases. In the first phase we worked with Thomas Rump on the realisation of his stage design concept. The two large existing play tables were to be transformed into a cart for second-hand goods – two large wheels on one side and handles made from axe handles on the other.  Many old objects, bolts and pieces of wood were made into a decorative facade.  A sack covering the middle legs of the two tables conceals large drawers in which all other small props can then be stowed.

Production of the stage front with our set designer Thomas Rump – © Stephan Schlafke

The robbers are made of hessian stuffing

The second construction cycle then took place almost a month later with Denise Puri. Denise, as a textile artist, created the four robbers out of coarse burlap, all of them were given a colour impression of the four Bremen Town Musicians: grey, red-brown, orange-ochre and green-red (cock-a-doodle-doo).

The four robbers are created (c) Stefan Schlafke

The stage was tinted with paint to give all the new saw cuts and slightly newer components a patina, providing a uniform vintage look.

The stage with patina (c) Stefan Schlafke

“I could do with a couple of extra hands!”

Franziska was given a costume with a dress and waistcoat.  Denise tailored the hat based on a 1920s design with a visor. “I could use two extra hands right now!” exclaimed Denise as she pinned the hat together before being sewn. A pair of knee breeches and a shirt are to be sewn for me; a waistcoat from an old production is also being given the ‘vintage look’.

Impressions from the workshop – © Stephan Schlafke

Hopefully we can start rehearsing shortly!

Vorhang auf für noch mehr Figurentheater


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