Kolk – the explanation of the street name

There are two different explanations for the unusual street name: one theory is that the street was named after a Gerhard von Kolke, who owned properties here in the 14th century. Another theory assumes that the name stems from the fact that water streams flowed down to the Trave north of the Marlesgrube. The street names "Kiesau", "Depenau" and "Kolk" are reminiscent of this. The term "Kolk" comes from Kule=Kuhle= depth, which was hollowed out by overflowing water. The street name "to dem Kolke" was first mentioned in 1334 for the then plot Kolk 14-20. It was not until the 15th century that the name was transferred to the entire street today.

Here are historical drawings and photographs of Kolk