7 puppets that give you the creeps…? Hmmm, good question!

by | Oct 31, 2020 | A look in the depot

I can’t really specify 7 fear inducing things, because everyone is afraid of different things. I will admit though that it makes me shiver with delight to know that the thrill of the horror story is not real!
It is said that watching horror movies even strengthens the immune system.
When the tension is released after the protagonists with whom you identify and with whom you have been feverishly involved manage to escape from their potentially gruesome fate, other tension is released from the viewer as well.
But after watching some episodes of the US-American crime series “Bones- The Bone Hunter” I feel quite numb! The human remains shown there no longer frighten me… I catch spiders in the house with a glass and a postcard and I am still happy that bats can be seen in the evening, because they will soon begin their hibernation.
However I am not completely detached.

I wish everyone a wonderfully scary Halloween

and would like to introduce the characters who ‘give me the creeps’ for different but real reasons:

I liked the 5 expressive ghosts from “The Adventurous Journey of Little Jo” by Karl-Hans Bachmann right away! The spooky thing about the ghosts was that they were equipped with ribbons on which several square, mirrored glass plates hung and these ribbons, together with the guide threads made of fishing line, formed a stately tangle that took what felt like an eternity to untangle.

When I saw a photo of the vampire spider by Xaver Schichtl for the first time, a loud “Yuck” escaped me. So it is fitting that the spider is at home in a box labelled 13i.
With my glass and a postcard I wouldn’t have had a chance anyway….with a width of 100cm and a height of 80cm this puppet has the dimensions of a 20-year-old Kamchatka crab from the Barents Sea!
Which is to say nothing of the puppeteer’s controlling wires resembling ‘Spaghetti Junction’, because that is the work of a professional.
Nevertheless, when I withdrew and closely examined the figure, I saw some fascinating details: the beautifully carved head with the vampire teeth can be pulled out like an elongated marionette. So this marionette is a trick puppet!
And just like in real life, it doesn’t work without injuries: some spider legs need plasters because they are broken.

But speaking of vampires and zombies I find the creepiest puppets in our collection are made completely or partly from real animals. In the archive we often have to deal with figures made of natural materials. Many shadow puppets are made of donkey or buffalo skin. But if, for example, a puppet of the booted cat was made out of a real cat without any alteration, then we would not be able to present it any longer.

Puppeteers of course, designed these lifelike puppet creations to give a goose pimply/skin crawling effect. And this is for example very impressive with regard to our dragon with a real pike’s head!

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