Breathing life into it… Work on our new piece begins

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Raise the curtain

The four well-known animals of the puppet designer: Doris Gschwandtner © Gschwandtner/KOBALT Figurentheater HL

As one grows older, one doesn’t necessarily function the same way as when one was 20 unfortunately. However assets gained along the way include personality and life experience. In a group of four, frailties don’t matter too much though as others can often manage tasks that others in the group no longer can and vice versa. The courage to sing also grows with time; opening up possibilities of expression in the countless songs and stories already written and those still waiting to be written! But the road to a happy, productive flat-sharing community is long: getting together is of course first on the list! Not to mention finding a place to live! …Who in their right mind would rent an apartment to four vagrants with an unclear income? The self-help is unusual, entertaining and well known: Perhaps Bremen is the town to head for!

We have already incorporated a donkey, rooster, cat and dog as large bizarre table puppets from a colleague’s production. These are supplemented by quirky Kakautzkys – (Humanettes) – three to four “humans” and sacks with distinctive heads (for the four bandits).

Stage design by Thomas Rump ©Rump/KOBALT Figurentheater HL

Together with our set designer Thomas Rump, we had already developed a concept for the stage design: a large second-hand goods collection cart becomes the playing surface for the well-known Grimm fairy tale. All the materials still usable become props for the scenery.

Franziska Technau and Stephan Schlafke tell and play the story of the four outsiders’ hasty escape, which turns into a successful departure into an unexpected future. This fairy tale is staged by Silke Technau for indoors and outdoors.

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