How we found a Dragon’s egg in the attic!

by | Apr 14, 2021 | A look in the depot

Of course I, Urmel the dragon, was once a baby! I have been around a good long while though! Indeed, my egg lay in an iceberg with me tucked inside for a long, long time. My egg and I even travelled around with the iceberg to Titiwu and Lübeck.

From time to time a baby dragon hatches and can play with the others, with Wutz, the elephant seal and Wawa, Ping, Tim and Schusch. Of course, this is great fun and many children watch and enjoy it but baby dragons need their sleep too! So after some activity I returned to my egg in the big cardboard box for a much needed nap. You need to be aware of this so that you can understand all the excitement going on in the Kolk.

Once though, it was dark for a rather long time in the attic of the Kolk, occasionally I heard the pigeons coo’ing or the snore of Sleeping Beauty below me in her hundred year slumber, or even overheard the seven dwarfs whispering about Snow White’s fate.One day, however, there was a great rumbling and the sound of people running up and down the stairs in the Kolk. Sleeping Beauty was carefully carried out as she peacefully snored. The 7 dwarfs also went merrily on their way … and I?Not content to miss out on the excitement and not a little afraid to be forgotten I wiggled, jiggled and crackled in the egg making a right royal racket until suddenly my box opened and I immediately poked the eggshell through and saw the faces of the puppeteers in the Kolk above me. They must have been delighted when they suddenly found me. I was a complete surprise. Without further ado I was ushered into the Museum and Theatre Archive to rapturous delight from all and sundry. Now, fortunately, I’m back together with all the others, patiently waiting for the construction site in the Kolk to be finished, that we may return to delight and dazzle our audiences!

By the way, my Archive-Wutz is called Ulli. She also took my star photo for you. Yay, I got to catch a breath of fresh air again!

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