An international day of the towel? “The flannel wants to come along too”

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Raise the curtain

“Lappen will mit” (“The flannel wants to come along”) in summer 2019 © puppen.etc

25 May is International Towel Day, a day of the towel? You can use it to dry off, to bathe – you can also throw it, throw it in, so to say… But what if the inanimate suddenly comes to life? Is that even possible? Just a rag, almost nothing really, and it’s supposed to come to life? Be cheeky? Be able to make itself understood?
A clown in a dirty old coat is thrown out of the circus.  This kind of thing doesn’t just happen to towels! At least the clown gets to keep her red nose, which is really part and parcel of being a clown, and an old suitcase too. But for the hassle of complaining about being thrown out, she gets a towel thrown in her face….a rag???
And now the audience can witness the miracle of animation. The clown’s hands and the rag suddenly endeavour to understand each other: fumbling, exploring, vibrating here and wiggling there… and suddenly – breathing. Let the clown moan about. The hands bring the rag to life, and the little rag is overjoyed, wanting to move, exploring arms and limbs.

A nose befitting a clown…both of them! © puppen.etc

He tries standing on his new legs, his arms too and also on his head! And of course he also wants a red nose getting cheekier and cheekier to the delight of the audience.  So much so that the the clown has to at times set limits!
Who are they?  ‘At the end of the day’ – they’ve only just met. They really want to get to know each other and, best of all, invent something completely new. So they form a brave plan: they build a little circus world and develop a unique circus-rag-clown programme – all to accordion music and almost without words.
This imaginative and humorous play, which even three-year-olds can watch, was last seen in Lübeck in the summer of 2019 in front of the Theatre Puppet Caravan in the courtyard of St. Peter’s church.

“Lappen will mit” “The Towel wants to come along too” in St. Peter’s churchyard at the Theatre Puppet Caravan 2019 © Stephan Schlafke

On today’s ‘Day of the Towel’, we want to remind you of all the things you can do with rags, especially when you don’t feel like cleaning and drying.

Set, play: Christiane Klatt – Director: Uwe Günzel

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