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by | Jun 23, 2021 | A look in the depot

The Cookie Monster eats fruit, vegetables and only occasionally biscuits Photo: RICHARD TERMINE © Sesame Street

17 June 2021 is Eat Your Vegetables Day. On this day, everyone should eat up their vegetables and give up sweets. That sounds very reasonable. But I don’t like rules. Being told to eat my vegetables creates a feeling of resistance in me! I feel transported back to my childhood by these words, even though I am no longer a child and now have two grown-up children of my own.

And why am I writing about this in this blog? The world of the Sesame Street puppets offers a little help in a playful way. A little help for all those who don’t like rules but want to motivate themselves and / or others to eat healthier. Feel free to click on the linked words.

A healthy diet is important 365 days a year for adults and children alike. The food industry cleverly uses shapes and colourful packaging with fun motifs to make their products appealing to children. Food manufacturers’ commercials on television captivate children. How are carrots or broccoli supposed to compete with that? (To the Sesame Street broccoli song “Hooray-Hooray For Broccoli”.

According to statistics, two-thirds of men and half of women in Germany are overweight. Among children, roughly one in six weighs too much! The health consequences are serious. It is sometimes difficult to find the right way to a healthy, varied and balanced diet. Social expectations are also challenging. It is not easy to refuse a piece of birthday cake or cake (If I had been expecting you today, I would have …) just because you want to avoid sugar! This is a tricky subject!

I am thrilled how humorously the topic of vegetables has been taken up by Sesame Street puppeteers to make young and old people want to eat healthier food like vegetables. (Go to Sesame Street Super Foods)

When the Cookie Monster sings and learns that you only eat biscuits once in a while, only to decide that just then is the moment “once in a while”, I’m in a good mood again!

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