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Puppet theatre for the whole family

At KOLK 17, theatre puppets come to life in fairy tales, animal fables and self-written plays on stage and in the Museum.

Popular productions for children: The Tickle Spider – The Princess and the Pea – Pirate Eberhard on a Pirate Voyage – The Little Dragon and the Chick – Puss in Boots – Sweet Porridge – The King with the Striped Socks – and many more.

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Corona in the Elk Forest

puppet theatre for children

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Hugo & Emil to colour-in

Colour – in your favourite theatre characters

KOLK 17 puppet theatre and museum for children

Children will also be welcome at Kolk 17 in the future

Work on the rooms for KOLK 17 Puppet Theatre & Museum is still in full swing. A rehearsal stage will also be built in the process, on which educational theatre possibilities can be developed up until the performance. KOLK 17 is already planning educational offers especially for children and families as well as pupils of different ages.

Focus: History and stories of the puppet theatre

Here, a tour through the exhibition rooms will provide insights into the history and significance of puppet theatre in different parts of the world in a playful way.

In exciting small units, exhibited objects tell their story(s). Why do Chinese dolls have feet and Punch sometimes has only one leg? How do you play a puppet? What can a puppet do better than a human being? How did children play puppet theatre in the past? How heavy is a puppet? What would we like to play with today?

In the guided tours for children, focussed themes can be made possible. In addition, the guided tours in the exhibition rooms can be combined with practical theatre education kits.

Focus: puppet theater today

Here the focus is on practical educational theatre work.

What types of puppets are there? What is the difference between a rod puppet and a rod Marionette? What do you actually need for puppet theatre? Our educational concept includes playful, themed preparation for a given performance and an after show sit-down with the pedagog also we offer a family ticket and holiday activities.  Foreign-language performances accompanied by literature are also envisioned. Older pupils can work intensively and in a performance based format on modern puppet theatre history project-by-project. On the rehearsal stage, it is possible to develop workshop results up until performance.

Productions for the whole family

Aufführung KOLK 17 Cherry-Picking Shakespeare

Kobalt Puppet Theatre Lübeck

Sleeping Beauty

If the last fairy’s gift is a spindle in a castle turret, what do the other fairies’ gifts look like? Do they also have rooms? Is it even possible to understand fairy wishes?

With the kitchen boy Oskar, Rose (the original name for Sleeping Beauty is Briar Rose) experiences a cheerful, cheeky and sheltered girlhood until she falls asleep beside the merrily dancing spindle. The rose hedge guards the 100-year-old sleep. Curiously, the ‘right prince at the right time’ wanders through the quiet castle …

Trollalarm im Elchwald Figurentheater Kolk 17

Kobalt Puppet Theatre Lübeck

Troll alarm in the Elk forest


Emil the Elk and his best friend Hugo the Troll live together in their forest. While the good-natured Emil is completely content, the lively Hugo wants a house – a real home!

Hugo the Troll can hardly believe it when he finds the perfect house. A house of his own complete with curtains! He is proud and overjoyed and makes his joy plain, loudly and wildly clear. A real troll alarm!… thinks Emil.

The little dog Fips, who often comes to visit them, also admires the house. But suddenly Paulina appears – the troll maiden sets the cat amongst the forest dwellers …

Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse Kolk 17 Figurentheater

Kobalt Puppet Theatre Lübeck

The Princess and the Pea

Heinrich the Rooster and Karlotta the hen look out at their crazy chicken yard from the royal curtain rod: A girl stands in front of the gate in the middle of the rain – all alone, soaking-wet and carefree – and the people don’t realise that she is a real princess!

And then there’s the thick pile of mattresses. Fortunately, a pea plays the leading role – a pea that makes your mouth water.

A puppet show about departure, courage and first love with lots of pillows, two hungry chickens and a pea.

Have you already seen all of Hugos’s adventures ?


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