Film Puppets

A fascinating addition to our permanent exhibition

There is an abundance of well-known movie productions featuring puppets as their main characters. These animation movies use a vast array of puppet types, some are covered with fabric, others are made out of modeling clay or plasticine.

In our museum you will find puppets, movie sets and clips from the following productions:

“The Rat Train Robbery”, Stoptrick, Germany 2008

© Stoptrick

Director: Jim Lacy/Kathrin Albers
Screenplay: Jim Lacy
Sponsored by Filmförderung Hamburg/ Schleswig Holstein and Arte.

What is it about?

The movie, “Die Schiefe Bahn”, is about former employees of a railroad company raiding a train. The title is based on a German idiom, literally translating to the crooked tracks, meaning that someone is going bad. Most importantly, however, the movie is a declaration of love for the long-gone times of red faux leather upholstery, pink elephants and those ever critical and competent railway officials.

About Stoptrick

Stoptrick is a Hamburg-based film studio founded in 2002. The studio has specialized on animation movies in stop motion mostly using traditional puppets. Besides awarded short films such as “Spelunkers”, “Quench”, “Peters Prinzip” (“Peter’s Principle”) and “Die Schiefe Bahn”, founders Jim Lacy and Kathrin Albers have produced trailers, music videos and commercials.


Best Short Film, Augenweide-Festival in Kiel, 2008
Audience Award “Made in Hamburg”, International Short Film Festival (IKFF) in Hamburg, 2008.
Audience Award “Shorts at Moonlight”, 2008
“Prädikat besonders Wertvoll” (Distinction as exceptionally Valuable), Filmbewertungsstelle, 2008
Audience Award, Flensburg Short Film Days, 2008
Audience Award “Exground” Festival in Wiesbaden, 2008.

“Der Kater” (Tomcat), Tine Kluth

© Tine Kluth

Animations by Tine Kluth, Germany 2005
Produced by Tine Kluth, Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg
Sponsored by Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Wurttemberg and the Delegates for Culture and Media / Ministry for Culture and Media (BKM)

What is it about?
The stray cat KATER lives his life rather haplessly and so he does not mind when a car puts an end to his meager existence. It does not take long for him to realize that it is not as easy for him to retreat from this earth as he always returns thanks to a cat’s nine lives. At first, this is very frustrating but it all changes when he falls in love with a beautiful cat. With the aid of his remaining lives and a devoted rabbit he eventually wins her heart.

About Tine Kluth
Tine Kluth is a freelance film producer and animator. Besides her own productions, she animated “Shaun the Sheep” and “Timmy Time.” She also directed the music video “ZeiDverschwaendung” for the German band “Die Ärzte.”

First Prize and Kodak Award, International Film and Television Festival Cinema Tout Ücran
First Prize (Children’s Movies) Interfilm Berlin
Winner of the German Short Film Competition, Exground Film Festival Wiesbaden
Advancement Award, Filmschau Baden-Wurttemberg

Tine Kluth, “The Castle” (“Das Schloss”)

© Tine Kluth

Directed and animated by: Tine Kluth, Germany, 2002
Modeler: Jan Jericho
Produced by: Kristine Knudsen

What is it about?

In a stormy night, a young man gets lost and finds refuge in a castle. At first he thinks that he has arrived in the middle of some great celebration but to his horror he then learns that except for the owner of the castle all of the guests are puppets. Trying to explore the mystery of the castle, he puts himself in great danger.


Best Animation Movie, Dresden Film Festival
First Prize in the category “Education and Animation”
Animago Award 2002: Audience Award (First Prize) in August 2002, “Shorts Welcome”
Internet Short Film Festival, First Prize in the category “Mystical and Macabre”, FAMEKO
Short Film Festival Landau 2002
Best German Animation Movie: Dresden Film Festival 2003

Albert Radl, “Prinz Ratte” (“Prince Rat”)     

Directed and produced by: Albert Radl, Germany, 2011
Co-Produced by: TRIKK 17 Animationsraum, Hamburg

What is it about?

“Prinz Ratte” is a fairy tale with all the necessary ingredients: a castle, a princess, a prince, a dragon, a secret admirer and grand emotions. The movie surprises with an unexpected ending and a remarkable truth about small heroes and great desires.

Kassel Art College, “Regel 0” (“Rule 0”)

achine with figurines

Concept and animation: Florian Maubach, Theresa Grysczok, Uli Baumann, Maike Koller, Monika Kostrzewa, Jana Kreisl, Daniel Maass, Lukas Thiele, Elisabeth Zwimpfer, Germany 2012.

The movie pays homage to Harry Kramer’s 1963 experimental film “Die Schleuse” (The Lock). Nine Students of the Kassel Art College made the movie as part of the “Fundsache Kramer” project for the Museum of Theatre Puppets in Lübeck.

“Regel 0” won the First Prize at the Maastricht M” Live Festival on January 26, 2013.

The Lübeck Museum of Theatre Puppets thanks all contributors and lenders.

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Opening hours

The Museum of Theatre Puppets will be closed for two years while the buildings will be renovated. The buildings, some of which date to the 16th century need to be restored, and the 35 year old exhibition will be updated. The work is scheduled to begin in January 2018.

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