Archaeological Excavation in the Kolk

by | Jan 22, 2022 | A look at the Kolk construction site

Whenever construction work above and below ground begins on the island upon which the medieval town of Lübeck is situated, Archaeolologists’ work in tandem with the construction company because the entire town; situated on the island (Lübeck has other suburbs which are on the mainland) is a Unesco World Heritage Site.  The Town of Seven Steeples was founded in 1134 a.d. developing from the 1230’s a.d. into one of the most important towns of the Hanseatic League of Trading nations (further information on the Unesco World Heritage Lübeck).
An area of special historical significance is the ancient town quarter around the Cathedral and the church of St. Peter in Lübeck.  The buildings of KOLK 17 stand directly at the feet of the imposing wall surrounding the church of St. Peter in the middle of this historical quarter.  Because of this, the archaeologists of the Hanseatic Town of Lübeck have put the buildings and surrounding area literally under the microscope as such opportunities to examine the town’s archaeological history are few and far between.

With the Archaeologist’s on the construction site: The Excavations in the Kolk

We accompanied Kathrin Siegfried and Dr. Dirk Rieger from the office of Listed Buildings and Archaeology – Hanseatic Town Lübeck while they went about their work.  What does archaeological work in a construction site look like?  What can we learn from the archaeologists? And what did the Kolk look like when it was built?

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