Historical paintings in the Kolk – preserved for the future

by | Jan 22, 2022 | A look at the Kolk construction site

In the early 1990’s the remnants of historical paintings were discovered in the Kolk buildings.  However it was not until the renovations of the Kolk 17 buildings began that the walls could be thoroughly stripped back to reveal their historical treasures, allowing thorough examination by experts.

Fine Art Restoration expert Jarek Kulicki reports from his work at the construction site in the Kolk

Wherein lies the actual work for a restorer?  How does one find paintings when walls are covered in plaster?  And why has Lübeck such a treasure trove of historical paintings to occupy restorers? Kolk17 visited the construction site with Jarek Kulicki to find out more about the historical art work found there.
In the past a stairwell was located within the Museum of Theatre Puppets Lübeck.  In the new institution ‘Kolk 17 Puppet Theatre and Museum’ this space will be the junction between Puppet Theatre and Museum.  It will, unlike in the past have a ceiling and will enable barrier free access to the building.  The paintings, which will be somewhat hidden on the first floor after the renovation, will be made accessible to interested visitors.

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