Christophe Loiseau. Manipulated Portraits | Portraits manipulés. A photo exhibition.

November 13, 2015 – April 10, 2016

For the first time, the Museum of Theatre Puppets displays a photo exhibition. It features the French photographer Christophe Loiseau with his series “Manipulated Portraits”. In this series, the artist has collaborated with international puppeteers to orchestrate exciting portrait stories. This is Christophe Loiseau’s first exhibition in Germany. The exhibition is under the patronage of Serge Lavroff, the French Consul General in Hamburg.

Christophe Loiseau has worked as a photographer in the international world of puppet theatre for more than 15 years. For his series “Manipulated Portraits”, he has met with puppeteers from different countries in order to develop portraits at the places where they live, work, and are active as artists. Every photograph is a result of an intensive process that starts when the photographer meets the person who should be portrayed. Together, they invent an image that, in the second step, should be elaborately staged. The photos are portrait stories that move the world of puppeteers from theatres into the outside world.

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