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von | Mai 14, 2020 | Blick ins Depot

MuseumMoments is the motto of MuseumWeek today on twitter. A very typical moment in our museum work is at the moment: „Stop – Stop!“ It’s different than we’re used to. And so our dragon also looks – how, it doesn’t go off? Well, what? 

But from the beginning:

In January, we received a request from the Augsburg puppet box: they planned an exhibition on puppet cartoons and came across our 2013 exhibition: „Knete, Wire and Camera“. They also wanted to exhibit something similar and therefore asked for loans. We keep a number of stop-motion trick figures and even whole sets as permanent loans. E.g. by the filmmaker and animation designer Tine Kluth. Her film „Kater“ is one of the highlights with us. Of course, the Augsburgers wanted to show that. The film „Prince Rat“ by Albert Radl was also on the loan list. 

Dragon from „Prince Rat“ by Albert Radel

Now it was time for us in the depot: Look at things and decide – can they go on a journey? Unfortunately we had to sort out the road from the movie „Kater“… there must be a restorer at first.  

But the main character and a few other props were actually able to travel after a short overhaul.  

And the big nasty dragon from „Prince Rat“? Well, of course he wanted to go and go to Mrs. Malzahn! Now we had to build some beautiful travel boxes – because cartoon characters and props are very sensitive…. 

And then… yes, then came March 16. And everything came out differently than planned. And now the dragon has to go into the box and still does not travel. Through Sept. Or something.  

MuseumMoments Museumweek 2020

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